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I’ve been outsourcing consistently since 2006, when I hired my very first virtual assistant.

I currently have a team of 10 fabulous women who support me and my businesses virtually. I have an operations manager, a project manager, virtual assistants…

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A client care manager, client care reps, writers, copywriters, designers, tech, and a facebook ads manager.

My team members work on projects + tasks every single month. These beautiful women are an integral part of my business, and I’ve taught them how to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

I’m sooo excited that you’re here, because this is the first step to creating the business + life you really want!


What to Do if Your Virtual Assistant Sucks…

This happens a lot… Someone gets upset over a situation...
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Never Worry About Broken Technology in Your Business Again…

It’ll happen. Eventually. Something in your business will break down...
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To Create More Abundance & Freedom + Grab my list of 100 biz + marketing tasks you can start outsourcing today!